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CleanTelligent is the Sure Way for Cleaning Companies

Technology creates efficiency. That’s the reason to why every business should be keen in adopting new technologies if they want to be competitive in their sector. each sector of the economy is in the quest to embrace new technologies and developing more sophisticated technologies that helps players in that area to run their operations without a hitch. One of such areas where technology is taking shape is the cleaning services industry. There are many cleaning company software available.

Cleaning business software helps automate different facets of the cleaning company making operations efficient while allowing the business owners concentrate more on expanding the company. The cleaning business software helps program work well while linking field work and office operations to ensure that everything runs accordingly.

In the current technological age doing work inspections with a pen and paper while relying on roll call and emails should be a thing of a distant past. Cleaning companies should make an abrupt change in their processes and adopt software that can help them run their operations effectively and efficiently while saving on operational costs. CleanTelligent software is the savior to that cause. Get one for your cleaning company and you will never regret.

This software is definitely a sure way of reducing scheduling mistakes they may occur and filling cancellations fast. The software provides businesses with the flexibility of performing inspections from anywhere anytime even in places with no internet connection. Getting and using the app is simple. CleanTelligent software is developed with a deeper insight into the cleaning service industry. The developers realized the challenges experienced during inspections and that is why they developed a software that provides companies with the flexibility of carrying out inspections from anywhere even without internet connection. Once the data is collected, it is then stored in an online database for use as the case may be. The generated figures can then be emailed to supervisors for decision making. The software can be a sure way of reducing scheduling errors and filling cancellations quickly. After inspection data is collected, it’s then stored in an online database for use as may be required. The generated inspection figures can then be emailed to the managers for decision making.

CleanTelligent is software is user-friendly. It allows managers to generate and directly send work orders to the right personnel efficiently and quickly. By so doing, the cleaning company is able to increase productivity, retain clients as well as gain new ones.

This is tried janitorial software that has been approved by many. Simply made to make cleaning service operations simpler, the app has helped way over 31,000 cleaning businesses worldwide identify their cleaning needs and handle inspections remotely. By simply using your computer, tablet or smartphone, you can manage your work orders, schedule tasks, and compute bidding proposals.

Dare to unleash the power of quality and efficiency by downloading CleanTelligent for your cleaning company and you will never go wrong.

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